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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Concerns over the Seroxat Group Litigation

Due to a situation here and around the internet, I have felt unable to progress or use this blog for the purpose it was intended.

As a result I’m taking time out from statistics and associated issues - as yet unpublished - to facilitate publishing information appertaining to the UK Seroxat Litigation which, having been in the public domain since it was preannounced in 2001/2, is going to court this year.

The information encompasses the UK Government Prescription Cost Analysis (PCA) statistics - although at the time of publication of this blog - I was unaware of one significant fact and therefore revelations were unintentional.

However, a few weeks after its publication, on first sight of the Seroxat Group Litigation Order no: 68 it became glaringly obvious that inadvertently, the statistics – not me – undermine the Litigation.

Since becoming aware of and involved with the SSRI drug forums in 2001, I have spoken out - not against the litigation - but in concern for those involved and anyone taking SSRI, SNRI drugs, especially those choosing to or being swapped without consideration from Seroxat to other drugs in the class including Prozac, Lustral and Efexor.

The statistics are, unfortunately, not the only jeopardy to the frail legal case being successful - Seroxat has a certain notoriety for being “the worst drug” in the class - but is that notoriety well-substantiated or solely due to outside influences? Do the experts agree?

Have the UK population been let down by the government, medicines authorities and the media?

The new Seroxat Litigation Blog will hopefully extricate the distinct facts, clarify, assemble and publicise each in context - to let the readers decide for them selves.

The new blog content will possibly adversely impact on the few hundred people who have not been culled from the originally quoted 10.000 prospective litigants ...... but the full ramifications of not speaking out will possibly impact on thousands or even millions. 

I have no conflicting interests.

The UK Seroxat Litigation Chronicles - a work in progress - can be found here.

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